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Farm Attack Stats


About Atlas7:

Atlas 7 is an initiative which were born in 2017, after a horror spike in Farm Attacks in South Africa. Our aim is to provide fully trained officers inside a farmer’s house to monitor Atlast 7’s 1st and 2nd line of defense. Thus ensuring the farmer is awake, family moved to a safe zone inside the house. We will be ready for whatever attack is launched against this household.

South Africans are tired of a crime ridden South Africa.

Nothing is done to remedy this land.

Nobody is coming to “save” us, hence we have to make a stand and start protecting our Farmers.

These brutal attacks leaves a trail of destruction, trauma and worst of all loss.

Loss of happy lives full of promise, full of love brought to a complete halt in the worst way imaginable.

This has to stop!



Just a quick timeframe:

One evening Bennie De Bruyn contacted me during “The Warrior Walk” and suggested that we reach out to the unemployed and put them through a strict selection and training program and employ them as security officers stationed on Farms.

This will result in solving 3 different challenges:

  1. The protection of our Farmers and their families.
  2. The protection of the employment of the Farm workers and the livelihood of their families.
  3. Job creation for the unemployed.

The Bennie De Bruyn Training Centre is there to provide training to all Atlas 7 selected candidates, employ them and station them on Farms to protect our Farmers at all cost as our third line of Farm defence.

Training will be provided in the following:

  1. Security officer training up to Grade C
  2. First Aid – Level 3
  3. Firearm handling
  4. Shooting Techniques
  5. The operation and monitoring of Atlas 7’s first & second line of defence.
  6. Atlas 7 is a Christian organisation, based on Christian values and will also offer Spiritual mentorship to all selected candidates.



How to donate

As you know, running any iniative in South Africa in the current economic climate (thanks to our poorly performing government and continuous looting of our resources due to corruption) it is very difficult to raise funds to operate this initiative.

We rely on donations from our expats and friends of the Farmers.

Please donate to our cause and help us to prevent these attrocities.

Banking details:

Bank : Firstrand Bank Limited

Account holder : Atlas 7 NPC

Account number : 6276 188 6294

Branch code : 250655

Swift code : FIRNZAJJXXX



Contact us

Devon Hofmeyr

Devon Hofmeyr

082 936 9962

Managing Director

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More About Devon Hofmeyr:

Devon matriculated at Afrikaans Hoër Seunskool in 2012.

He is a former CPO and Tactical Team Leader at TSU International and have done various local and International private security contracts.

Devon is the Managing Director and Chair person in the fight against Farm Attacks and Farm Murders in South Africa.


Hendré Papenfus

Hendré Papenfus

082 665 4255

Director & Spokesperson

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More About Hendre Papenfus:

Matriculated from Tweespruit Agricultural Highschool in 1992.

He went to 1 SAI Bloemfontein for compulsory service in the South African National Defense Force (SANDF).

Worked in the Agricultural sector from 1996 – 2000.

Business Owner.

In 2017 Hendré walked 2478 km (from Musina to Cape Town) to bring awareness to the attrocities of Farm Murders. It is during this walk where the idea of Atlas 7 was born when 3 people with similar passions got together to bring an end to these senseless terrorist acts.


Christo De Villiers

Christo De Villiers

071 248 6410

Operations Director

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More About Christo De Villiers:

Christo matriculated from Piet Potgieter Highschool, Potgietersrus.

Joined the SAP, worked on investigations regarding farm murders and attacks. Customs head office – special investigations and valuations.

Currently he owns Crimpe Ops – armed response, security, crime prevention and patrols. Property and farm safety operations and planning of farm attack prevention.